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08 Nov 2011
WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: Wireless Technology means transmission of electromagnetic waves over path. It allows the user to communicate simultaneously over the same medium. Wireless communication can be via radio frequency, infrared and microwave communication. It encompasses various types of fixed, mobile and portable devices. Cordless computer peripherals and telephone sets, satellite televisions, home entertainment systems and wireless LANs are the few examples of wireless applications and cellular phones are one of the most common examples of this field. ROLE OF WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: A Wireless revolution is set to transform the world’s communication industry. Wireless technologies represent a rapidly emerging area of growth and importance for providing access to the networks specifically for the workplace community. It is rapidly evolving as it’s playing a vital role in the lives of people throughout the world and it will be playing an increasing role in the upcoming era as it provides a way of communication between two entities that are far apart without the use of electrical conductors such as wires or cables. There is a great need to evaluate the impact of wireless technology in our future as it plays a significant role in daily lives of even a common people. Its demand is increasing with the period of time as it provides a feasible and accessible solution for versatile applications and devices. People are becoming closely interconnected through wireless devices like radios, internet and cell phones. CELLPHONES: For instance mobile wireless communication has freed up our need of being wired in. It enables us to communicate virtually anytime and anywhere. Not only this, it also allows data transmission at high speed. It is a medium for providing rapid response telecommunication to the people who are tucked in complex situation. INTERNET: Another important use of wireless networks is an inexpensive and rapid way to get the internet access. The recent expansion of internet has ushered in a whole new spectrum of conveniences and concern. Wireless conferences boardroom meetings across airwaves have saved executives much trouble in travelling. Through the use of it information can be sent overseas easily, efficiently and reliably. MISCELLANEOUS WIRELESS DEVICES: Computer Peripherals like Cordless mouse, keyboards and printers can be connected with the system without the use of wires. Remote garage door openers are one of the oldest wireless devices. GPS Global Positioning System is used by drivers, captain of ships and pilots of aircraft to locate various places. This technology will have a deep impact on our future due to its low cost and easy access. The world is shrinking and people are getting closer with the use of this technology. Multifarious application of wireless technology will continue to appear on the horizon as it is gaining more ground day by day because of its low cost and ease of use. The breakthrough development in this domain will surely revolutionize the world. We hope to see a wireless world in a nearby future.


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